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Bristol North & Bristol South TaeKwon-Do - Tae Kwon-do in Bristol0117 339 0069
Are you interested in taking up the martial art of TaeKwon-Do? See our 'Beginners Info' and What is TaeKwon-Do sections for all you need to know about what we do, how to begin, what it costs and more! We teach TaeKwon-Do, a Korean martial art and self-defence/fitness system. We train 6 nights of the week at three locations around Bristol (Bradley Stoke, Southville and Whitchurch) We are part of the Tae Kwon-Do Association of Great Britain (T. A. G. B. The biggest Tae Kwon-Do association in the
Beauley Road, Bristol, BS3
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Academy Of Historical Fencing - Martial Arts in Bristol01633 764 835
The Academy of Historical Fencing has three clubs in the UK. The clubs include two in Bristol (Bradley Stoke) and one in Newport (Caerleon Campus) Visit the clubs page for more information. The club is operated by a group of like minded martial artists looking to evolve their knowledge and skills in a safe and relaxed environment whilst sharing knowledge with like minded people. The club has over one hundred members and instructors with a range of skills, experience and expertise in different
Fiddlers Wood Lane, Bristol, BS32
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Krav Maga Bristol - Krav Maga in Bristol07812 346 025
Krav Maga is the Official Hand to Hand Fighting system of the Israeli Military, and the worlds' fastest growing 'Reality Based' Self Defence System. This tough, no nonsense system is available in Bristol and North Somerset, right now. Our sessions are fast paced, exciting and relevent to real world self defence the minute you walk in the class. The finest part - Throughout June and July we're providing a FREE taster sessions to anyone over 18. Come and give Krav Maga a try. Your session will be fast,
Bristol, BS8 3EZ
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United Sport Karate Organisation, Club - Karate Club in Bristol01792 298 803
Karate is one of the most widely taught martial art forms. USKO Sport Karate is a mixture of multi style martial arts blended with techniques from boxing. With its dynamic high kicking, fast punching moves, USKO Sport Karate is a thoroughly modern way for the entire family to get fit, have fun & make new friends. This dynamic modern brand of Sport Karate, which is very much a style for today using modern training aids & equipment, is built on the traditional style of
Bristol, BS3 2JL
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Fujian White Crane Kung Fu - Kung Fu in Bristol07957 261 417
We teach the real thing. We know our lineage, right back to Fan Qiang Liang, the founder of the White Crane System. Our instructors continue to train, they improve and they learn constantly. Underlining our extremely high standards, all of our Full Instructors have been formally graded in China, and been awarded Dan grades. This is rare in the West. Our students know they are learning the real thing! Majority of our instructors, whilst specialising in the White Crane System, have trained in
Bristol, BS6 6AL
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Lloyd Ferguson0117 952 0011
If you're thinking of taking self defence classes in Bristol to improve your fitness whilst learning a life skill then here at at Lloyd Ferguson's Black Belt Academy, we can assist you learn combative arts for fitness and for self defence. At our dojo, we provide fitness and combat training that can assist build confidence and assist you get fitter in the quickest way possible, its ideal for leaning discipline and making you live a healthier life. We teach Tae Kwon Do in Bristol plus kickboxing
6 Gloucester Street, Bristol, BS5 6QE
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Aikido Tenchikan Dojo - Aikido Classes in Bristol07775 610 464
Aikido Ten Chi Kan Dojo is a traditional Aikido Club located in Kingswood Bristol and Bath practicing all kinds of traditional Aikido including Aikido weapons Aiki Ken and Aiki Jo. The Bristol and Bath Dojos are under the direction of Kobayashi Dojos, Japan and are regularly visited by Japanese instructors from Kobayashi Dojos. Aikido is a practical Japanese self defence martial art suitable for all. Come and join the Aikido training, classes suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners in
Bristol, BS16 4RH
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UK Wing Chun Academy Bristol - Boxing in Bristol07841 904 404
Wing Chun contains three boxing forms; two weapon forms and a wooden dummy form. These are taught in a progressive and open manner, both in the class and privately. A method of training unique to the Wing Chun system is chi sau (sticky hands) An accomplished Wing Chun practitioner can evolve the capability to make contact with, and control their opponent with their eyes closed. This is top level of skill that can only be achieved through the development of chi sau. Sticky hands typifies the
Bristol, BS6 6DR
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