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We specialise in the supply of stainless steel sanitaryware and china sanitaryware for use in the demanding environment of today's modern wash rooms. We supply a standard and purpose made range of stainless steel urinals, wash basins, wash fountains, drinking fountains, wc toilet pans, and washroom accessories.

We have over 23 years worth of experience working in the commercial sanitaryware sector. We have been supplying solutions for the demanding environment of the public and commercial washroom, including public toilets, factory and office washrooms areas, school toilets and washrooms, and pubs and nightclubs. We have been involved with many projects from the design and specification stage through to the order and supply stage, as well as supply only. Many of our projects have involved an off the shelf solution whilst others require purpose made products to suit individual applications with order values starting below 100 to projects worth may tens of thousands of pounds.

We are able to offer a comprehensive range of products direct from stock, direct from the manufacturers, and straight from the distributors at unbeatable prices due to long standing trade agreements.

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Kstrel Court, Harbour Road
Bristol, South West England
BS20 7AN
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01275 390603
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01275 390603
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