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Acupuncture & Acupressure in Bristol, South West England Tom began his training in Chinese medicine in 2004, embarking on a 3 year full-time degree course at the University of Westminster. During his training, he treated the public in the University of Westminster Polyclinic, and the NHS Gateway clinic in Clapham. He now enjoys treating a wide variety of patients and conditions - including back pain, migraine, and stress - and regularly attends advanced training courses.

These have included tuina (Chinese massage); pregnancy and childbirth; traditional pulse diagnosis; treating various kinds of physical pain and many more. In recent years, he has been studying advanced Classical acupuncture and bodywork techniques with the Association of Traditional Studies, and the Xinglin Institute. Tom and his wife Kate - both ex-BBC employees - also produce videos and multi-media projects, mainly relating to acupuncture. Examples include the popular Manual of Acupuncture software - a training aid for students - and the Acupressure for Natural Pain Relief in Labour DVD, which Tom co-presents with Debra Betts.
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The Natural Health Clinic, 39 Cotham Hill
Bristol, South West England
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read moreAcupuncture involves the insertion of fine, sterile, single-use needles into various points on the body. This can cause a range of sensations, which most people find tolerable or even pleasant. Depending on your condition, other techniques may be employed, including cupping (the placement of suction cups onto the skin), electro-acupuncture (passing a mild current through the needles), moxabustion (warming acupuncture points with burning herbs), and tuina massage. Dietary and lifestyle advice may also be offered.


Lydia Kate
read moreTom is an excellent acupuncturist and therapist. He is an excellent listener and quickly understands how I am and adapts the treatment accordingly. I have been having acupuncture with him for 6 months via the low-cost clinic which is really accessible and useful for people with on-going conditions. I absolutely recommend this clinic.

Pippa Tidd
read moreTom is great, I've been seeing him in spurts of 2 or 3 sessions since April 2015. He is very gentle, very calm and gives you space to just be as you need to be. I like his attitude towards the patient - working together to feel into what works rather than just applying a uniform treatment. I have found so much emotional and physical release from the sessions with him, and he is incredibly kind and intuitive. Much recommended, especially if you are new to acupuncture.

Paul O' Sullivan
read moreI received a voucher for this practice as a gift. Tom was very thorough in getting a general picture of my health and any specific problems. The treatment was much less hands-on but far more effective than previous experiences with other practitioners and Tom provided very useful advice on health and well-being. An excellent service.

Robin Stevens
read moreMy partner and I used acupressure, under Tom's guidance, for pain relief in labour and found it to be tremendously effective, and nicely complemented the Hypnobirthing practice we'd been using as our main guide through labour. In the end my partner did not find it necessary to use any other form of pain relief. As well as the effectiveness of the pressure points at directly relieving pain, there was a significant benefit in me having an active (and useful) role to play during labour. The constant physical contact between us helped strengthen our bond, and let my partner know that I was present and engaged in the process, even when she was deeply internally focussed. My partner found my presence reassuring, and the active role of performing acupressure helped us both feel part of a shared experience.
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