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My name's Martin and I run Ship Shape Computers, a company focussed on computer and laptop repair in Bristol. Having been trading in Bristol since 2012, I draw on two decades of experience in repairing and tuning computers. I also offer what I call digital housekeeping services - everything from turning your vinyl and cassettes and VHS into digital files that you can enjoy on your PC, to getting your files backed up, your computer secure and your PC running smoothly.

As a sole trader I can personally ensure absolutely the best customer service, tailored to you. I don't rely on jargon or complicated explanations to fool you into buying more than you need. What I offer is clear, friendly and unpatronising advice to get you up and running again.

Areas Served
Bristol and surrounding towns
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Highlights, Specialties & Features
  • No Fix - No Fee!
  • In-home repairs
  • Digital housekeeping
  • 1hr Speed-up service for £35
  • No call out charge.
  • Friendly, Local and Convenient!
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42 Mansfield Street
Bristol, South West England
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Computer Repairs and Upgrades - I can solve all kinds from problems, from slow-running machines to PCs which wonít even power on: Virus infections cleaned, Spyware removed, Faulty parts replaced, Components (hard drives, memory etc) upgraded, Data recovery.

Price: £55, plus the cost of any replacement parts needed.

PC Spring Clean - Computers fill up over time, with programs, downloads and junk files. We can clean this up for you and get your computer running quietly and smoothly again: Junk files cleared out, Registry problems sorted, Unnecessary programs identified and removed.

Price: £35 for a 1 hour rapid speedup, or £55 for a thorough clean plus malware removal.

Digital Housekeeping - We all have hundreds of photos scattered across our phones, tablets, cameras and shoeboxes. Ship Shape Computers can bring them all together, making them easier to enjoy, share and protect.

Price: Depends of course on the size of your collection, and your needs, but prices start at just 20p per photo scanned in, £5 per vinyl album (cheaper than iTunes!) or £55 for a complete overhaul of your digital files and folders.

Computer Setup and Advice - If youíve bought a new computer or a new piece of hardware, I can help get you up and running and show you the ropes: Setting up a new PC, Securing a new computer and browsing the web (installing Antivirus and other security software).

We also offer:

Help finding your way around: Surfing the Web, Microsoft Office, Skype; choosing new software for your project. Each session is tailored for you, but can last anything from an hour upwards Ė itís up to you!

Price: As a guide, a session will cost £55 for the first hour, and then £30 for every hour over this. The cost can be agreed before I visit you.
Price£35 - £55
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Pictures & Videos
Hours of Operation
Monday09:00 AM÷07:00 PM
Tuesday09:00 AM÷07:00 PM
Wednesday09:00 AM÷07:00 PM
Thursday09:00 AM÷07:00 PM
Friday09:00 AM÷07:00 PM
Business Representative
Martin Greaney

Martin has over 10 years' experience building and fixing his own and other people's computers. Call him today for friendly, personal advice.

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