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The Magic Of You - Hypnotherapy Therapist in Bristol0845 351 0604
Hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, relationship counselling. My work is respectful, understanding, and effective. Its results-focused therapy to make everyday life change as quickly as possible, but with soul an empowering vision of the heart, mind and
7, Unity St Avon, Bristol, BS9
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Natural Alternative - Alternative Medicine in Bristol0117 946 6035
We understand time is precious - juggling work, friends and family - always putting yourself last. Not any more. Thanks to our Health & Wellbeing service, qualified therapists can be available on-site at your place of work providing; massage, health-checks, nutritional therapy, reflexology to help in the treatment of: aching back & shoulders, lack of energy, high blood pressure, cholesterol & blood sugar, stress & anxiety, digestive problems, skin conditions, hormones imbalances, fertility concerns,
126 whiteladies Road, Bristol, BS8 2RP
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Holistic Community - Naturopathy Treatments in Bristol01179143710
The practice of alternative medicine and complementary therapy has increased dramatically in recent years. More and more people are now prepared to try alternative forms of healing, and yet the number of options now available in the UK can create it difficult to know which therapy to choose. Many different forms of therapy can assist with the same health problem, and yet some practices specialise in treating specific conditions. The treatment information below has been delivered to assist you
Chesterfield Road, Saint Andrews, Bristol, BS6 5DU
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Qi Therapies - Acupuncture Massage in Bristol
These were always meant to work together, and the ancient Chinese doctors were masters of all 5 arts. This made them supremely flexible, and gave them the capability to tailor treatment precisely to each personal. The integrated approach to Chinese medicine as used by Neil Kingham follows that ancient way of working, and so brings all the complementary strands of this ancient medicine to a modern Western population. Neil believes that using the different strands of Chinese Medicine together in
Enso, 190 Cheltenham Road, Bristol, BS6 5RB
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